Thursday, February 19, 2009

Featured Artist - Mellaril

Melissa from Mellaril is a fantastically talented artisan.  She can weave beads and colors like magic.  Just take a peek and the select offerings.  I have been blessed to become friends with Miss Melissa.  We both moved to the same amazing little town around the same time, though we did not know each other.  We actually met through Etsy's shop local feature.  I wanted to see what kind of arts were being sold in my area and sent her a note to tell her how much I loved her work and to wish her much success.  

She wrote back and we've been great friends ever since.  It's been so fun to trade work with her and talk shop while our kids play together.  Her little boy, currently about 15 months, is one of the cutest sweetest little boys ever!  We met for the first time at one of Stillwater's best locally owned coffee shops.  Daily Grind has an amazing view of the St. Croix River and 2 of the nicest owners ever.  The perfect setting for 2 creative minds to mix.

Check out her shop, you'll enjoy reading her bio and wish there was more!  She a fantastic writer and should be the one blogging instead of me.  I want to help her get her business going.  It's no secret that it's not the easiest thing to do, it takes time, more time and money.  With the current economy and as a stay at home mom, resources and funds can be, well, limited.  So all you handmade junkies out there, take a nice long look at her amazing work!  Or even better, score one of her pieces for yourself or some one special.  

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