Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Knit, knit, knit.

My most recent completed project was this super cool super fast knit (and a little crochet) hat for the little monster in my life.  He's five years old and adores all things gross, scary, slimy, and noisy.  I was nosing around Ravelry.Com and came across this pattern and new I had to make it.  This is my 3rd knit hat since I learned earlier this year, things are going well in knit world.  

As you can see, I had a very satisfied customer!!  It was especially nice since I already had the yarn in my stash.  If you're already a Ravelry member you can find this hat pattern here .  If you're not a member, you should consider it!  If you knit and/or crochet of course.  There are so many helpful people available to you and so many cool patterns, many of which are free.  What more can you ask for?

I hope you are enjoying March, spring is coming fast!  In San Diego where I'm from and the rest of my family lives that doesn't mean much.  But here in Minnesota, it's a huge deal!  And I am loving every minute of it.  Today we made a trip to Borealis yarn shop in St. Paul.  Then later I watched the kids ride bikes in the driveway as I sat in the sun and listened to the birds chirp while I worked on a new scarf with hand spun yarn from Etsy seller Pancake And Lulu.  It's heaven I tell you!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring is just around the corner!

This was a crazy week for me.  I have a good friend who's pregnant and was supposed to have an amnio last Friday and ended up having to wait till yesterday.  So it was a long week of waiting and nerves.  I caught some funky stomach bug on Monday night, I think.  I was dizzy and felt strange, but come Tuesday morning I tried to buck up and take my kids to an indoor playground since it was only 11 degrees and we needed to get out.  We made it a couple hours and then my friends daughter felt warm so we headed out.  Which turned out to be a good thing because I got that hot flush you get when your sick, and then, I totally threw up in the parking lot!!  Lovely.  Luckily I had gotten the kids buckled in before that, but ugh!  Aren't you glad I shared?  So I was pretty useless the rest of the day and the next.  I didn't even knit personal projects this week, I felt that bad.  Yesterday I finally felt human and cleaned myself up and tried to catch up around the house.  
Today it was 50 degrees!  Can you believe it?  I feel spring, it's in the air.  We walked to pick up my son from preschool yesterday and brought the dog.  It was great to get out after the cold and the sick.  So, I hope to get caught up on life this weekend and then be back to some creativity next week.  See you then!  

Saturday, March 7, 2009

2 More Days!

Hey party people, you've got two more days to enter in the huge handmade giveaway that Blue Star Butterflies is co-sponsoring on TryHandmade.Com!!  What are you waiting for?  Get yer booties over there and snag a chance to win some awesome handmade goodies.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Featured Artist - Krug's Eco-Logic

I found Krug's Eco-Logic on the Etsy forum through another etsian posting about a super cool experiment that Erin, the super-mom behind the product, was doing.  I had been wanting to switch to handmade natural skin products for a while but had no idea how to choose who to go with.  I read Erin's blog about the experiment and read the comments people left and I decided it was a sign.  For an entire week she was using commercial soap on one half of her body and her handmade soap on the other - in December!  With the cold burn and heater drying outs, ack!  She posted pics of each side nearly every day, it was super cool.  I bought a bunch of stuff from her on Etsy and I am so happy with it!  Especially the whipped lotion.  I've had eczema to varying degrees since I was a toddler.  It has gotten better in adulthood, but I still have outbreaks and end up using cortisone like lotion!  It's only been a few months now, but since I started using her whipped body butter, I haven't had to do that.  Yippeeeee!  I'm happy to say that I'm now a repeat customer and plan to be for a long time!  My favorite scents so far are Sunrise and Calming Scent - Lavender and Chamomile.  I have the body scrub in Sunrise and it smells delish in my shower!  Mmmmm.

Right now Erin is offering a super cool 'online spa party' deal.  You can get all the details on her blog.  Check it out!