Sunday, April 19, 2009

Project Wonderful

Don't you just love that name?  I'm so excited to now offer free advertising here on my blog!  Even as the bids go up, they stay relatively low.  It's a great service for all involved.  I only know of them through the handmade movement although I'm sure others use the service.  If you are a blogger, project wonderful is a great way to support artists world wide.  As a reader it's a great way to see all the great work that's out there being offered.  As an artist and indie business owner, I love how easy and friendly the service is.  And I love that I can get my name out there one person at a time for pennies a day.  They work with paypal which makes it all seriously easy.  So be sure to check out the lovely things being advertised on the side of my blog!!

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