Monday, December 15, 2008

Featured Artist: Doodlage

Located in Massachusetts, Doodlage creates wonderful and unique art in all kinds of ways. Just take a look at this gorgeous hand doodled rock. These fantastic little pieces of art will dress up any bookshelf, dresser, or nightstand. They make excellent paper weights as well.

Another of my favorites, is this whale doodle. It reminds me of some of my favorite things. Beautiful colors, flowers, happiness, creativity. The flowers in this piece remind me of finding that scrumptious piece of fabric I've been searching for. And this brings back great memories of drawing in high school. Makes me want to pick up a pen and pencil again!!

Works for sale by Doodlage can be found at
And you can check out the Doodlage blog at to find out more about this great artist and what inspires the art. To keep up with Doodlage daily, go to

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