Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hippity Hop to the Yarny Shop

Boy do I love shopping for yarn. The fact that I can't buy it all may be the only part I don't like. I like walking through the store to see what's new, checking out all the fantastic color combinations. Some are old favorites and some are unexpected and interesting. I like to imagine what a funky little skein of squishy hand painted yarn might become. Would I combine it with another yarn? Or let it be fabulous all by itself. Would I use an old favorite pattern or whip up something new... Oh the possibilities.

My fellow fiber fanatic friend and I headed out to the craft store and yarn shop this morning to hunt down this and that and find a much needed yarn fix. We dropped the 'older' kids off at preschool, grabbed a latte to-go and took off in the snow and iced over roads. At the yarn store our little ones came upon some good fortune. A knitting group was meeting and they brought treats! I think us ladies feel compelled to feed cute kids yummy things. They were in heaven. We putzed around the store for quite some time. As usual I bought too much yarn, but, how could I not?? While the shop gal put my yarn on the ball winder my friend finished up her picks.

Later this week at Blue Star Butterflies you will find several new colors of cowls. Dark pink, light powder pink, butterscotch, taupe brown, black, and light blue. I also found the softest yarn ever to start a luxury line of cowls! I am starting out with three colors to offer in my Etsy shop and will build from there. I can not wait to work with this new yarn. It's so soft, I want to sleep on a bed of it! I also got some fun pink speckled yarn and soft merino wool to make scarves, I think... I need to get some more scarves in the store, the cowls are taking over. That's ok though!

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