Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowy weekend

It was -9 when I woke up this morning. It blows my mind and I love it all at the same time. You'd think a girl who grew up in Southern California would have a more difficult time settling down in Minnesota, but I really love it. Our kids love it too and that's even better. They had so much fun yesterday playing in the piles of snow while Daddy used the snow blower, shooting streams of light fluffy snow into the air. The temperatures plummeted while they were out there so I cooked up some hot chocolate for all.

I stayed inside where it was warm and got to work on creating a cowl in every new color and a couple fun variations. Today I'll photograph them and hopefully they'll be listed by tonight. Snow days make good 'work' days. They also make for messy homes. So I'll be needing to do a lot of picking up and cleaning before I get started on my next project. I have a huge stash of yarn waiting to be worked into something exciting. So hopefully while I'm getting the house in order some of it will 'speak' to me and let me know what to work on next.

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